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Business Cash Advance

Business cash advances are where a company can sell their future receivables upfront for a discount.  The factor rate is the reciprocal of the discount.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant cash advances are similar to business cash advances but instead of the daily receivable being electronically debited from the merchant’s bank account, its deducted from the daily credit card batch prior to settling with your credit card processor.  

Average Daily Balance

The average balance of your business bank account provides insight into what your daily receivable payout can be.

Credit Score

The owners FICO says a lot about a business.  We understand many business owners put their business first by trading off on poor credit scores.

Gross Monthly Sales

You sales and business cash flow determine how much you can be advanced.  

What our clients say

  • Biz2Cash got my business the money it needed to expand.  The process was fast and easy!

  • My business qualified for $50,000 and it was in my bank in a few days.  

  • With money upfront my business was able to jump on an opportunity that would have otherwise not been possible!